Thursday, 28 November 2002

what a tremendous day!

went to the botanical gardens in the morning to take pictures of the dragonflies there (loads of them in all hues of red, purple, yellow and blue dart around any of the large muddy ponds there) and found relaxed retired couples walking around, parents with noisy kids on holiday and all sorts of random yuppies and ang moh backpackers sitting or hanging around, meditating on the beauty of the natural surroundings and breathing in the fresh foresty air. Really nice. should make it a habit to come here often - it really is a gem in the city, great when you need moments of solitude to think stuff over :)

Dragonfly stunning morning sky!

then dropped into the shop and my very funny colleague gave me two of these paper barbie doll sheets that we used to play as kids. said she found it in a shop in Chinatown selling the most amazing and random 80s stuff (the really tacky, really obiang things that we grew up with).. hahaha.. should check out this place.. in case you want to play with it as well, you can download one of the pieces and print it on some kind of stiff white paper and cut them out to play.. hahahaha.... :D

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