Sunday, 24 November 2002

caught Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets yesterday. great storyline, great effects and captivating from start to end. pretty impressive. but a tad bit too dark, i feel. i think it should be rated NC16 or something.. i wouldn't want my kids growing up with this sort of ideas running around their immature minds..especially if they start wanting to buy wizardry stuff! gulp.. but great show. looking forward to Lord of the Ring: The Twin Towers!

squeezed with the weekend crowds at the motorshow @ suntec to look at all the impractical racing and sports cars on display there. these couple of things caught our eye...
a true art car.. very cute..Esplanade Beetle
BMW Z4 definite dream car of many.. drooling over it..
ASIMO ASIMO - honda's innovative new robot. amazingly flexible.. it looked like it could move every single one of its joints, making it incredibly human-like - going up and down steps, waving and dancing.. very impressive - could be the sort of thing that will take over the world in the future... :O

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