Thursday, 21 November 2002

i was fascinated to read (via hidden city) about this dietary additive called guarana capsules - and this spirulina powder thingy which apparently helps to focus one's attention and to aid those poorly focused to see more projects to completion.

it sounds just like the sort of stuff that i need.

this is why.. i don't remember when and how it really started... but on a typical day, i will find myself starting on one thing with enthusiasm, but before i actually finish doing it, something else comes along to totally distract me and i'll start on this new thing... but give me another half hour or so and suddenly, i'll remember something else even more important, drop whatever i'm doing to do it.. and the worse thing is, i usually never come back to either one of the earlier activities again (having completely forgotten about them!).. at the same time, i'll leave something somewhere as i'm walking around, find myself completely misplacing it and eventually waste more time looking for it.. according to my rather frank (actually brutally frank) colleague, i "leave evidence" of semi-completed work everywhere, which isn't untrue. :(

so this drug actually sounds quite cool, if it works..

it's not because of lack of sleep. i've tried getting tons of rest and yet i'm still so.. distracted..

very weird really... it's a disease.. my sister says it's called attention deficiency.. huh? i thought that only happens to kids??

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