Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Discovery of World War II Relic @ Clementi construction site

.. right next to my block! gulp... look at the ugly construction all around.. gonna be like this for the next 3 years.. sigh.. and there goes our wonderful view of the sea.... :(

Update: Experts from the Singapore Armed Forces said it was a Japanese aerial bomb (aerial!! dropped from plane??) dating from the Second World War. Usually, when a war relic is discovered, it is taken to a military live firing range to be disposed of. But bomb disposal specialists decided it was actually safer to carry out the operation at the site itself this time around. That was because the fuse had already been activated (!!!), so transporting the 50-kilogramme bomb could be risky.

Clementi World War II Relic Discovery Site

... and incidentally, found that the household plant next to the balcony window was flowering.. a rare sight indeed.... so pretty...

Flower from some household plant

Sunday, 1 March 2009

bad english

i was surfing the net for some news on the merlion being struck by lightning and found that Xinhua News Agency had interviewed someone in Singapore who said

"Something like an explosion sound very loud, then after that some of the pieces fell off the Merlion, but no one was hurt in the incident"

can we describe that as Singlish? or a mix of Singlish and English or what??

I remember my NIE lecturer saying that he once heard a mother exclaiming to her child "Be careful! Wait lost how?" and he couldn't figure out, try as he might, what the woman was saying.. hahaha....

i can't decide which is the lesser of two evils - Singlish or Chinglish.. see below for a cutesy example of the latter:


anyway, you have to see this.. it was apparently mentioned in NYT:

The-greatest-breakup-story-ever-told (apparently, the animation is made by one woman on her PC - about the story of a marriage breakup using traditional indian characters from the ramayana)