Sunday, 24 September 2006

The Final Product

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haha.. with all the excited responses coming fast and furious, i couldn't help but post more and bigger pics, especially to help the "visually challenged" see what i have done to my car!

for those who still can't spot the difference.. see here and here (sort of corresponds to the pics above)

love it, hate it, it's ONE OF A KIND! HAHAHAHAH.. :P

Tuesday, 19 September 2006

a sneak preview after zhng-ing..

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Sunday, 17 September 2006

Language Learning (Aerobics style)

i find it hard to believe these are the most frequently used terms.. i mean, WHY ELSE WOULD THEY TEACH THEM???

hilarious nonetheless.. enjoy..

Sunday, 10 September 2006


According to the newspapers, the Mosquito ringtone is "inaudible to those over 25, and growing numbers of teens are using it to take calls undetectded by parents and teachers"

But children, I CAN hear IT.. and rather clearly too.. its VERY ANNOYING...

so don't even think of trying it in class..

Test it yourself

this is the original one from bbc.. see if u can hear the sound, or just the ambient noise outside the store..
Folding clothes

amaze everyone, especially your mum, with your newfound enthusiasm for clothes folding!
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Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Retirement Villages

what EXACTLY are "retirement villages"?

the ones in the UK and Australia look lovely..

but why IS the singapore government involved in building retirement villages for Singaporeans??

(flips econs textbook for instances of government intervention in the production or provision of goods & services)

**scratches head**

and in Batam???

to assess how the "typical" Singaporean views this, i asked my mother (who's always quick with a witty remark) what she thought about the matter.

"well, why don't they consider euthanasia? it's an even quicker method."

(without another word turns back to her favourite tv programme)

ha. ok. so we have it.. the typical Asian view.. :)

see another fearful one & fearful too
Senseless Violence

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the time between sunrise and sunset is really short when there are so many things to do.. sigh...
Happy T Day

among the lovely gifts i got for t-day were 5 dozen red leaf red ballpoint pens.. haha... :) that's like 5 pens per month to mark with.. or around one pen a week... :p

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i don't work for these things but it was nice to see all the smiley faces that day.. i do love every single one of the gifts i received.. thanks to all.. :)

here's a little something for all you nice people out there..