Saturday, 17 February 2007

The Secret


Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Life Cycle
Your Expression Number is 8

Driven and ambitious, you have the potential to reach great things.
You're both good with money and good at getting things done quickly.
You are an excellent leader and a great judge of character.

Full of energy and confidence, you undertake projects that seem impossible.
Dependable and determined, you are able to understand the bigger picture.
Even if you are not in a position of power right now, it will fall to you.

At times, you can be very materialistic - and obsessed with status and power.
While this isn't always a bad thing, you sometimes take it to the extreme.
In order to be truly happy, you must balance the material and spiritual in your life.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Slob Evolution

this is kinda cute, though a couple of comments have said that its a tad bit rude for its dig at the so-called "ugly people".. well.. i can see the innocent funny side of it so i don't quite agree..

here's a non sequitur link.. seems like everyone's playing with the Candybar Doll Maker to make their msn avatars.. have u made yours yet??

here's me..

hahaha.. ok.. not very well done but i went mad after being on it for an hour.. what a *&^$#*)?<:+ waste of time!!

and besides, i can't find anything that remotely looks like me which isn't surprising anyway cos... I DON'T LOOK LIKE A BL****Y DOLL IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! grrr.. :p

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Dove Ad - "Evolution"

rather fascinating - especially for those of us who aspire to be like those "picture-perfect" people we see in ads.. perhaps it is time for us to appreciate the natural beauty in people and even in ourselves..

Friday, 2 February 2007

Please Adopt These Kittens

These four lovely kittens are looking for a good home..

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I don't know when HDB will finally agree to drop their archaic laws against keeping of cats in government flats. According to the President of the Cat Welfare Society, if only 10% of HDB dwellers take 1 cat home, there would be no more strays on Singapore's streets! Think about that! Cat owners all know how wonderfully apartment-friendly cats (which have been sterilised) can be. In fact, cats are usually quieter and can be confined in apartments for long periods without problems than dogs and can keep themselves clean.. This clearly shows our authorities have some mysterious reasons for insisting on continuing this archaic practice (supposedly from the time of the Brits).. maybe they think like this silly person who wrote to ST forum on 25th of last month...."Why HDB should ban cat and dog ownership in flats"

i almost fell off my chair in sheer astonishment the first time i read the letter! this guy clearly knows nothing about cats and dogs and only manages to make himself sound silly and intolerant... i can't quite fathom what made ST publish this letter.. to make a mockery of this guy?? ... ok.. i shan't be mean.. just rather incensed by his letter, that's all..

so.. any kind cat lovers out there? email me.