Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Look what my colleague found in her breakfast this morning!

Lizard Bun

and horrors of all horrors, she only found it after eating the 1st of 3 buns she had with her!! eeeks!!!!

where did she buy it from?

this bakery opposite the old Ginza plaza along West Coast Road.. i think it is called Clementi West St 2 .. she said it is not prima deli but "the other one at the corner".... ummm...

Monday, 21 April 2008

Some random pictures to add color to my blog

Patrick the Starfish Collection
bet u didn't know i had such a huge collection of Patrick the starfish toys... hahahaha

I think I've found the secret to happiness..
and this was one of those mornings that i didn't care about leaving for work on time cos the sunrise was just so pretty...

and recently, i've been a little addicted to buying inexpensive toys from ebay... here's some of the new critters in my collection...
Ebay toys!