Sunday, 30 September 2007

Pengerang... Of roadkill, pillboxes, pink chendol and other such wonders..

today I went to Pengerang in Johore for a 1-day cycling trip.. the way i did it was: i went to changi village early (about 8.30am) for a yummy nasi lemak breakfast and to rent a bike from one of the numerous bike shops there (whole day rental $10-$15).. then we transported our bikes via bumboats from changi ferry terminal (the same one that has bumboats bringing you to Pulau Ubin) to pengerang ($8 +$2 for transporting the bike).. we took the boat at about 9.30am.. the journey is about an hour. once we hit the jetty on the other side and cleared customs (quite fast), it was a pretty straight road all the way to the main town Sungai Rengit, with a need to make only a single right turn, well-marked, along the way.. distance is about 19km one-way (takes roughly 1 and a half hours), pretty flat road with occasional traffic.. we got there in good time for a delicious but affordable lunch at the ever-popular-with-singaporeans crystal jade (no affiliation) seafood restaurant. then we spent some time exploring the town before heading back to the jetty, visiting a mango farm along the way to buy honey mangoes (RM5 per kg). latest boat leaves pengerang for changi at 4pm. don't miss the boat else have to stay overnight in pengarang.. :p

anyway, here are some pics...

on the way there...
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on the way to largest town Sungai Rengit...
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in Sungai Rengit itself...
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anyway, i've decided not to post pics of the roadkill.. have decided it is a bit too distasteful.. :)

Saturday, 29 September 2007

forgot to include for last weekend..

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Thursday, 27 September 2007


Monday, 24 September 2007

Waterfest 2007 Bedok Reservoir

and our local wakeboarding representatives - Max and Sasha!

Thursday, 20 September 2007

One of Life's Most Important Lessons

read on a blog today:

"life's like that sometimes. we try our best, but there will come a point when we need to recognise it is time to let go and move on."

it's hard.. but what a good reminder..

yes, dammit.. but it's time to move on..

run run run...

Sunday, 16 September 2007

My Life in Pictures

Those who know me well enough know these two months haven't been too easy for me.. particularly since there were all these visits to hospitals, some planned, some unplanned.. btw, the last pic shows the pulling cord that patients in ward toilets are supposed to be able to use to get help if necessary.. my sis tells me patients (or even their visitors) often mistake it for the toilet flush, which is pretty amusing to us but definitely not to the nurses who are already running around like headless chickens during their busy shifts... :p

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but thank God for all the much needed support from some wonderful people like my best fren kai.. who knows, even better than me, what it really means to be "there for me when i need it"... thank you..:,> .. here's us having hotpot lunch at Hey Hey Hotpot, with her precious other half who looks like the store mascot.. he's very game to pose like this for my amusement.. haha..

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when i'm feeling down i tend to notice buildings and scenery around me more... here's my all time favourite "condom building" (of cos it is NOT as 'phallic' as these..) and the view from above Labrador Beach..

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and also a splendid view from a friend's condo taken recently; as well as the cranes and construction of the ION Orchard, like temporary sculptures erected against the deep blue sky.. i think construction can be quite pretty sometimes..

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and then of course there is my lovely goddaughter Daphne who's growing up so beautifully and quickly! She's gonna turn 1 soon!! :) umm... wonder what i shall buy for her.. can't wait to teach her art and craft once she stops putting everything into her mouth.. :p

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and have slowly but surely returned to my all time favourite pasttime.. running! starting really slow though cos technically not allowed to do any vigorous sport yet...

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so that's a summary of my life recently.. it's a pretty personal post but I use my blog as a diary, so it's more for me than for you.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Yoga for Special Needs Children

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if you know anyone (parents, teachers etc etc) who may benefit from this, please do help to spread the word.. this is a rare opportunity to make a difference to the special children around you!! :)

check out also

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Mr Mao

it's been an eventful past month filled with many personal and family incidents and events, not all pleasant but each nonetheless perspective changing in its own way.. but last night's painting session was a blast and here's my version of the ever-popular mr mao done in acrylics (16x20)..

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