Monday, 30 June 2008

Toys, toys and more toys (Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008 @ Suntec)

Gloomy Bear & Wall
Mori Chack and My Gloomy Wall!
Bought a piece of the wall from Gloomy Bear creator Mori Chack's booth.. toys were all sold out by the time i got there but they started to sell chunks of the wall instead, with the artist's autograph, for $10 a piece and my, was the queue long! :p i can't believe mori chack is actually here! i've been such a huge fan since 2002!! :p

Gundam BB Warriors - Romance of the Three KIngdom
Couldn't resist buying the Bandai Gundam series of BB Warriors - Romance of the Three Kingdom.. hope i have time to assemble them all together..

Keroro toys
and i still have all my Keroro toys to assemble... :O..

and guess what?? I managed to buy the Friends With You's Wish Come True toys made by Strangeco!! whee... they are so cute!! and apparently they jingle too when they rock from side to side!

Friends With You's Wish Come True toys

Wednesday, 25 June 2008



someone put a 'breadou' on my table today.. luckily i already had lunch and wasn't hungry... it's quite spongy and cute and smells nice.. :)

update: showed it to mum and she told me to keep it properly in case daddy accidentally eats it for supper.. wahahhahaahaha... she knows him so well... :p
Southern Ridges Walk (5 June 2008)

Henderson Wave

over-photographed... but still nice... :)

if u need advice on walking the whole route from end to end, u can email or msn me.. we did the 9km walk starting from Clementi Woods, got really lost somewhere in NUS literally going around in circles, then bounced down the whole winding length of South Buona Vista road, strolled through the picturesque Kent Ridge Park, had fun playing in the wonderfully manicured Hort Park, saw the often over-shadowed but nonetheless quite pretty Alexandra Arch Bridge, clanked the whole metallic length of the seemingly never-ending but supposedly only 2.4km canopy bridge called the Forest Walk (The forest walk consist of a series of interlinking grated steel walkways joined together to form a continuous linked hilltop walkway towering over the tree canopy tops), ending up at Telok Blangah Hill Park slightly past dusk, in time to witness the really-quite-beautiful Henderson Wave basking in the twilight, before charging through the rest of the walk (Marang Trail - basically a forest walk) in darkness using our headlamps, and eating dinner at VivoCity, some 5 hours later..

u can definitely do the walk at a much faster pace if you take less photographs and have less fun at Hort Park and don't stop to listen to the birds chirping in the trees.. but then, what's the point of doing the walk then?

this guy's blog has the description of the whole route and the sights along the way in quite an incredible amount of detail..

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Singapore Arts Festival 2008 Closing Celebration : Hydro Sapiens by The Lunatics (at Bedok Reservoir)

Singapore Arts Festival 2008 Closing Celebration : Hydro Sapiens by The Lunatics

Another cryptic performance.. but nonetheless quite interesting.. though i personally prefer the water-based performance during the opening celebrations..

Friday, 20 June 2008

Road Trip to Western Australia (08 to 16 June 2008)

Road Trip to Western Australia
Road Trip to Western Australia
Road Trip to Western Australia

Itinerary: Perth-Williams-Mt Barker-Albany-The Gap & Natural Bridge-Albany Windfarm-Williams Bay-Valley of Giants & Tree Top Walk-Pemberton-Margaret River Wine Region-Mandurah-Fremantle-Perth (1470.1km)

Plus took an additional two pretty typical day tours: (1) Perth-York-Hippos Yawn-Wave Rock(Hyden)-Mulka's Cave/The Hump-Babakin-Perth; & (2)Perth-Caversham Wildlife Park (Koalas, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Wombats)-Corrigin Dog Cemetary-Pinnacles Desert-Lancelin Sand dunes for 4WD off-road driving & sandboarding-Perth

a nice and relaxing (albeit more costly) break, vastly different from most of my recent adventures to less developed countries... i've got a lot of other pics, if you are a friend and want me to show them to you do msn me :)