Friday, 29 November 2002

hi! how was your day today?

i sat in a cafe with a cappuccino and a wonderful book.... got your envy yet?? hahaha...

Cappuccino, Book & Time on My Hands

don't worry.. it's just my off-day... gonna work over the weekend (both Sat and Sun) so stop beating your chest moaning about the unfairness in life.. :p

i've bought my Grandluxe 2003 diary to get ready for the New Year! It's a very handy palm-sized notebook but packed with loads of space (one full page per day) for penning down my everyday thoughts (yes, i'm abandoning my Palm and going back to pen and just feels a lot more natural than scribbling on a slippery glass screen with a plastic stylus) have you decided what grand plans you have for the year ahead? what hopes? what aspirations?? something you want to change about yourself? a new look? a new hobby? a new language? a trip somewhere perhaps??

how about getting together with a couple of like-minded good friends and talk about it before the year is through?? it will be so much fun! Beats complaining about your job or about how boring life is or about how you hate office politics or how nothing ever changes (and nothing ever will)! Inspire each other! Find out how you can all work together to make each other's dream come true! Join the gym together! Plan to run next year's Marathon together!

a day of self-reflection does much wonders.. :)

and i saw a giant toadstool on my way home just now.. it's the biggest freaking toadstool i've ever seen in my life! check this out!

giant man-eating toadstool

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