Tuesday, 5 November 2002

I’m reading about woodland burials in the latest issue of Utne... i think it is the way all of us should be buried when we die (i.e. if we choose not to be cremated or to be fed to the vultures).

The typical cemetery is as environmentally damaging as a golf course. have you see the cemeteries at Choa Chu Kang? They are nowhere as pretty as the ones we used to have at Bukit Brown and Bidadari (which are wonderful places for walks, runs and even picnics - so pleasant and tranquil..). Rows and rows of tightly packed cement blocks, no trees in sight and the precious land area they take up just keeps growing and growing... and since all the bodies were embalmed and stored in super durable coffins, we will take forever to break down.. we should be buried in biodegradable cardboard boxes and returned to the earth as fertilizer.

excuse me for the bleak topic. i go a bit macabre when i am ill.

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