Tuesday, 19 November 2002

It's Party Time!

It’s Party Time! They’re all here! There’s the forty-something Ah Chek wearing his striped polo tee, with his bulging beer belly and loose khaki bermudas. There’s also the housewife-y auntie, with two or three kids in tow, trying to get them to behave themselves. There’re also my favourite Ah Pors in their grey, round-collared blouses (with tiny pink and yellow flower prints) and flowing black slacks. There’s also a good showing of after-dinner yuppie couples, hand in hand, whispering sweet nothings to each other. The smatterings of Bengs and Lians can also not be missed, along with a bunch of folks who look suspiciously like gambling bookies. All in all, a good cross-section of the Singapore demography, even some not commonly seen in this part of Singapore. It’s a lively crowd!

And they have all made their way here to see the latest free attraction in town: Human Magnets!

These human-like creatures, weather-resistant, can go without sleep for extended periods, are capable of having dinner and toilet breaks simultaneously in less than 5 minutes, who can go without using their mobile phones for more than 3 days (an amazing fact indeed!), and are able to attach themselves to their objects of desire without once letting go for 6 hour periods! Amazing!

2 left. And they look like shit. Sleep deprivation. What do you expect??

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