Tuesday, 19 November 2002

behold the puppets of materialism!

the day was unbearably hot and then the rain poured twice, making the night really chilly, yet at least 15 of them still remain... many have blood-shot eyes, look terrible terrible terrible, some look distinctly grumpy, and some are barely coherent, unable to answer simple questions posed to them by the chirpy and pesky DJs from the local radio stations.. they have become a bit of a joke for the ever-changing crowds hanging off the barricades around them and so many try to shield their faces when they see cameras pointing at them... some even look angry.. but most of them just look so blank, like they are on some kind of drug or something..

one guy said he was doing it "for his girlfriend" (who had gone home but "will be coming again later".. poor thing...:p). another said it was for his family and they were "all standing over there".. why don't they just admit they are doing it for themselves?? that they are actually "slaves of materialism"?? let's face it, who will actually allow their loved ones to go through this sort of stuff, no matter what the prize is?? i know i wouldn't.. and from the worried looks of some people around, i can tell they don't want the contestants to suffer that much too... i can understand if one goes through suffering for a charitable or justifiable cause.. but for a car? i don't know...

honestly, i have little respect for these people.

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