Saturday, 30 November 2002

i'm trying to figure out this thing about the nauga.. is it real? looking like this? or is it just an urban legend?

One day, Bob decided that he really needed to have some leather pants to complete his rock-star image. He didn't know where to get them, so he went to the wise and beautiful Lana, his sister, and asked where he could get a pair of leather pants.

Lana, however, told him that leather pants were too expensive, especially considering Bob's salary. So Lana advised him to track down the elusive and mysterious Nauga in the wilds of Target ("tar-jay")and take its hide. She said she could make him a pair of pants out of Nauga hide to rival all the leather pants in the world.

So Bob went to Target and stalked down the Nauga. It was a long and arduous chase. it fiinally ended when Bob cornered the Nauga somewhere between the snack bar and electronics. Bob tackled the Nauga and brutally murdered it with the Super Plastic Commando-Man Playset Knife. He then skinned the Nauga and attached the hide to his wallet chain using the Super Plastic Commando-Man Playset Handcuffs. Toys are a wonderful thing. Bob took the Nauga hide to the wise and beautiful Lana, who made a marvelous pair of pleather pants.

Bob loved the pleather pants with all his heart and soul. He wore them all the time even though they were miserably hot and reeked of dead Nauga.
(story from "Bob and The Mysterious Origins of Pleather")

hahaha... i love the Internet...

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