Sunday, 28 October 2001

had to wake up at 6.30am to go to Temasek Sec to do the tile painting workshops and demos yesterday morning for the East Zone Cluster 3 schools... zzzz

watched Training Day in the afternoon (and fell asleep intermittently) - Denzel Washington put up yet another stunning performance showing his versatility in protraying a myriad of roles.. quite cool show.. go watch..

Had seafood spagetti and pilsner lager dinner with anni and her colleagues at Brewerkz (their mussels starter is amazingly yummy) and watched this huge mass of people doing line dancing at the Riverside Point Amphitheatre (every Sat from 6 to 11.30pm) - its quite fun to watch (though a bit strange to see so many Singaporeans wearing cowboy hats and boots) and it makes you wonder how these people can just go on and on without tiring.. maybe it's because even to really fast-paced music (such as Lady Marmalade), they still move at the same slow pace as they do for a slow, droning country tune .hahaha... and truely, bizarrely, they dance to just about any song!! I remember the time I was in Nashville Tennessee working in the Opryland Country Music Themepark.. : p - yeee hah!.. country music isn't really that bad lah.....anyway, they have closed the place down and turned it into a huge shopping mall now.. so sad..

Didn't manage to get lava lamp for Sis' birthday yesterday - she must think that no one cares.. :( must get it today!

url: Stick Figure Death Theatre

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