Saturday, 27 October 2001

didn't manage to go for my run today even though i had already decided i was going to go for it today, no matter how much work there was... :( is there really no way i can manage my time for my personal stuff and yet still work on all the things i want or need to get done for the shop?? problem was, I on the road almost three quarters of today and still had to come back to prepare for my workshops and demos for tomorrow (which is my off day) and also my sale at Toa Payoh Town Council Art Carnival on Sunday (which is also another off day for me) and also to arrange for deliveries to two schools tomorrow (sorting, packing, writing up paperwork etc) and to type quotations for another three organisations.. I really need to get a Personal Assistant to organise the visits and so on for me.... I'm becoming a workaholic.. :(

Had supper of "Famous Hokkien Mee" (umm...what gives a stall a right to call its dishes "famous"?? Can this be classified as misleading if the food turns out only to be so-so? Then again, they didn't claim to be delicious.. only famous.. and even though i don't know them, it can also be because I am ignorant.. duh?? :p) and satay at the new Maxwell market just now and discovered that the Ham Cheem Pang ah-pek is still there making his famous ham cheem pang for 3 for a dollar. umm..

At suppertime, Kai, XA and I had a frivolous time imagining this virtual reality tool that can solve all the problems we have now in the shop, such as a lack of space (3 of us share a 1.5m by 1.5m working area), distractions from movements around us (which is inevitable), need to travel for meetings at head office, etc.. it is kinda like a pair of goggles or something that you can wear that blocks out sound and movements around you. It gives you access to multiple screens and also allows you to be "present" at many places at any one time... let's say you are bored of being at this virtual meeting with your boss, you can switch to another screen where you can actually be at home and talking to someone at home and they can see you (at the same time still pretending to be at the meeting) and at the same time surf the net and icq or something. Phone calls are not physically picked up but are transferred to this device instead so you don't have to get up to even answer calls.. wouldn't that be wonderful..hahaha...

discovered the cluster of roads around Club Street, Ann Siang Hill area has become a fave hangout of gays..>>.. muscular men dressed in skin-tight/sleeveless tops hang about in spookily dark five-foot-ways checking each other out and pacing the alleyways.. quite creepy if you happen to chance upon them innocently (as we did) when you pick up your car.

no chance to vote this time.. :(.. my corner of Clementi falls under a GRC which PAP victoriously "walked over"... sigh..

url: Shell Extension City - configure your Windows 95/98/NT/2000!

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