Tuesday, 2 October 2001

Beadhub just opened on Emerald Hill! Beads Beads and More Beads!! err.. actually, i'm not really into beads.. :P still its an interesting shop to check out. You can even learn to make your own jewellery and to take a course on "Gem Identification", especially if you are into buying stones in Third World Countries. Mooncake festival!! Got smses with mooncakes that look like this "@ @" and lanterns that blink.. never knew everyone was so into Mid-Autumn Festival.. umm.. mooncakes!! munch munch!! :)

very wet very rainy and freezing cold day.. drenched on the way home.. hasn't been raining like that for a while. still going to be thundery and wet and overcast for the next couple of hours.. see what the Met Service says for the next 3 hours. no overseas voting yet.. sigh.. sorry friends in London and New York! :p

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