Friday, 6 December 2002

went to see Mini-Z Racing today at this walk-up pre-war shophouse unit along Jalan Besar.. very strange place... Here, hidden away from the human traffic below, grown-up men play with modified 5" long radio-controlled racing cars in all makes and models, pitting their speeds against each other on a 10mx5m carpeted circuit at up to 20km/hr.. going round and round and round, flipping over, bumping and crashing... the whole idea is not only to be the most skillful at moving these little cars smoothly around circuits of twist, turns and straight lanes, but also to be skilled at changing the million and one parts that can make the car go faster, turn smoother, survive harder knocks or just be more stable... seems like the sort of things that engineers would love (alb says everyone there is an engineer, one type or other)... the camaraderie present there seems quite good.. like-minded individuals no doubt..

just one of the many hobbies that folks (especially guys) are spending their time and money on that i know nothing about.... such as playing with radio-controlled planes and helicopters, flying stunt kites, playing LAN and arcade games, fishing...

something new indeed.

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