Monday, 30 December 2002

i was originally going to blog about the Raelians and cloning but then, after watching the 10 o'clock news on Channel U, i've got more exciting stuff to share with you!! (btw, check out the site... it's really odd!! with flying saucers and aliens!! creepy too!)

according to the news report on the recent fad regarding mexican jumping beans (they showed a whole trayful of them!! remember my earlier blog on my new pets - Biggie, L, and Bert??), some countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan have banned the import of mexican jumping beans due to their disastrous effect on the natural environment! i didn't quite catch the whole report but apparently, the hatched moths and their crawlies supposedly wipe out huge tracts of native forests!

the news reporter said that the Singapore authorities haven't produced confirmed reports on the extent of the impact but PPD has issued a request for all owners of Mexican Jumping Beans (including me!!) to hand them over to PPD "for proper disposal"!!

they're going to kill my Biggie, L and Bert!!! No Way!! Oh dear.. what am i to do?? :(

and to add to the injury, my mom says they are the most likely cause of the nagging cough she has been having over the past two weeks, as well as the cause of the bit of ill-health I had earlier ... in fact, she added, they are probably the reason why the clinic has been so crowded with so many ill people recently, with persistent illnesses!! :O

huh??? surely not!!?

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