Wednesday, 11 December 2002

i think everyone should know about Axel Erlandson and his Tree Circus - pretty amazing! this guy grows trees into amazing twists, hearts, spirals and any shape you can imagine... cool...

one of the original trees..

20 days to the end of the year!!

having encountered quite a couple of pretty dramatic end-of-year happenings over the past couple of years, i can safely conclude that the end of the year has probably something of a catalytic effect on most people I know, including myself.. For some reason, a lot of dramatic things tend to happen anywhere between mid November to end December... New and old relationships defined & redefined, intense emotions felt, career changes and plans, meeting new people, forming new bonds.. it is as if we are all trying to get things sorted out quickly so we can start life anew for next year ... even though most of the time, things don't quite end up the way we expect or hope them to ... anyhow, we learn a lot of sweet or painful and frequently life-changing lessons - we may end up crying a lot, laughing a lot, but mostly, we just sit around talking and sharing.. it is really nice... warm and fuzzy... This makes the rest of the year somewhat dull.. but hopefully we can all come together on the eve of New Year and count down together, hug, kiss and hope for the best for one other for the next year.. for that, i'm actually looking forward to New Year Count Down.. just for the "purging effect" :p ..

on another note: if i were to challenge you to try something new or to pick up something you have always wanted to learn before the year is through (with what little time we have left), what would it be?

i'm going to try out cooking Asian dishes!! umm... maybe i should try making Tom Yam soup?.. :)

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