Friday, 13 December 2002

a bunch of Canadian Mennonites have started a movement called Buy Nothing Christmas "dedicated to reviving the original meaning of Christmas giving". They are even providing you with posters you can download (here) to support the movement!

Buy Nothing Christmas

though i don't completely agree with this group of radical souls (after all, isn't Christmas about giving? and if we want to give something tangible, don't we have to buy it??), the Christmas crowd can get a little daunting and frustrating at times. and the worse thing is, we usually end up at the end of gift exchange sessions (especially at work) with a lot of things from a lot of people we aren't really all that close to, that just end up sitting around on the shelf or cupboard for the next 12 months till next Christmas...

hence, i am tempted to practise what i now term the new form of "Gift Exchange".. basically, if you get something you don't really like from someone you are not all that close to, just rewrap it, write a new card, and give it to someone else! :D this way, you save your money buying more presents and at the same time, save yourself from all the clutter that builds up from unwanted gifts...

hahahaha.. . oh oh.. now i think i may end up not receiving any presents from some of you anymore!.. :(

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