Wednesday, 4 December 2002

according to the lecturer in class today (yes, i still have one last module for my SIM course - called the Executive Empowerment Module.. sigh..), we often are attracted to people (or discover that a particular someone is "attractive") when he/she:

- rewards us (either in terms of inspiring us, supporting us, or otherwise making us feel good about ourselves)
- likes us (cos the typical person feels "unattractive" and is usually afraid of rejection and likes to know that they are liked..)
- is similar to us (rather than dissimilar, in term of educational level, intellect level, etc..)
- is physically attractive
- is around us when good things happen
- likes the same people and the same things (my lecturer believes the only time that the notion of "opposites attract" holds true when men or women are attracted to someone of the opposite gender. otherwise, similarity attracts..)
- disclose themselves to us (this one is quite true)

umm... i think there is some truth in most of them, though not all.. what do you think?

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