Thursday, 12 December 2002

my lecturer has a website! how fun!

i think everyone should have their own webpage, even if it is just to dump random stuff they find or think up or to scribble down the occassional note.... it's like staking out a home in a global village of limitless communication and connection... go beyond email (which is no different from just having a PO box but no home).. build a house where people can visit to know a little more about you and from which you can make that little bit of difference (no matter how small) in your own way to the information world.. if you are an expert in something, contribute to the global repository of knowledge that will benefit humankind!!

read this random joke in Reader's Digest:

My friend and I were working on her computer when a spider landed on the monitor.

While my friend was trying to chase it away, I couldn't help but retort,"Maybe it's trying to access its website."

hahahaha.... ok ok.. not funny... :p

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