Friday, 28 February 2003

feeling frodo-ish

after days of gazing at the infinitesimal stars and galaxies through the beautifully clear and dark skies of garopaba (you can see full constellations of Orion, the Southern Cross, the Milky Way etc almost every single night!), watching hummingbirds and dragonflies dancing in the fresh morning air while having breakfast of eggs, sausages, tomatoes, orange juice and brazilian coffee, having invigorating dips in the clear ocean waters a stone´s throw away from the magnificent siriu sand dunes, mermerised by the magical illumination of fireflies while sharing huge pans of steaming hot paellas with jovial Agentines, downed with the best red and white wines this side of the planet - i have almost become too comfortable to embark on the southward journey ahead - feeling almost like how i imagine the hobbits must have felt in rivendale! but onward i must go, now with the Uruguay visa securely in my hands (which by the way cost a whopping US$45!).

the land rover, fresh from some thorough servicing, will be packed with milk, bread, orange juice, crackers, and gallons of water, plus essentials like tents, blankets, etc. we must leave soon.. before the black riders.., i mean the Carnaval :p rolls along and highways fill with drunken and rowdy kinds.. and also before the south gets too cold.. okee.. that´s all for now!

and very importantly: for the dearest people who are expecting phone calls from me, sorry!! the woman at the telefonico es muy antipatico and doesn´t give a damn to my hapless situation of not being able to call through.. so i have to use the internet to communicate for now!