Tuesday, 11 February 2003

too many things too little time

i've got a hundred and one things to do today and they all seem to overlap!

my original plans for today were to just get my yellow fever jab (ouch!) from the travel clinic down at Tan Tock Seng and then go for a class gathering dinner at East Coast seafood centre with my JC classmates later in the day (which should be fun - though i'm frankly not in the mood to be hanging out with a big bunch of people just before my trip)..

but now i'm suddenly tempted to go see the Robot Zoo exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre (which means the jab is out, unless i try to rush to one after the other) since it will end in March (before i am back), and then after that to catch the supposedly really funny show Tadpole which is only showing at Plaza Singapura at 5.10pm.. i'm even tempted to give the class gathering a miss after reading about China piano whizkid Li Yundi's one-night only concert at Esplanade this evening (at exactly the same timing as the class gathering).. it should be pretty amazing to hear him play (he was the first winner of the top award at the prestigious Chopin Competition in 2000, after it was "withheld for 15 years for want of a deserving winner"!) .. Chopin and Liszt.. cool... what to do.. what to do...?

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