Friday, 7 February 2003

stuff i recently discovered

leonardo's mirror writing

- Leonardo da vinci sometimes writes with a special kind of shorthand that he invented himself, known as "mirror writing", possibly to "make it harder for people to read his notes and steal his ideas". A friend of mine is currently practising how to do that with his left hand, while simultaneously trying to write with the right hand.. sounds qute cool.. i'm going to try to train my left hand to do that too.. :) a natural right-hander, he's trying to teach his left hand to use the chopstick and also to draw, convinced that the left-hand is undertrained and that it would help to strengthen the right side of the brain... i wonder if we can ever train ourselves to write just as well with both hands? umm...

- Japanese smilies.. (^_^) are different from western smilies.. :-) ... personally, i prefer the Japanese ones!!! so cute!! kawaii!!

- Chinese contemporary art website - I remember discussing with a friend once (while we were at the opening of the Chinese contemporary art exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum) about the development of modern art in China these recent years.. it's amazing how avant-garde Chinese artists can be..and a lot of them seem to be heading towards the same style.. using blood, sweat, bread mold, food.. etc in their artworks, especially leaning towards the use of installations and on-site pieces, and the use of the "shock" element on their audiences.. (a response to the communist regime??)... this site is a good example of how extreme they can be... their art truly transcends time, space and all the usual limits.. pretty cool in a way..

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