Friday, 21 February 2003

garopaba & whale-watching

1444km south from dusty rio and we are now in the beautiful laid-back seaside village of garopaba. it´s so small it´s not even in most of the main maps of brazil nor in my copy of lonely planet.. which is surprising ´cos this place is suposed to be great for sperm whale watching, and it is truly one of the most stunning places i have seen in my travels, with rich green foliage covered mountains all around, wide swatches of flat white beaches, blue sea as far as my eye can see, and little white sail boats bobbing in the distance..

like all places that i´ve been to that i can imagine retiring to in my old age, garopaba has endless stretches of undulating cobbled stone walkways, little alleyways that lead to mysterious places, small quaint shops selling groceries and other random things, laughing children and relaxed retired folks, fresh clean cool air, little vehicular traffic, clean white houses with beautiful balconies that look out to the beautiful ocean..

the only drawback is that there are no autoroam networks for my m1 phone here so i can´t sms. we may be hanging around here for a week or so in some mountain top resort to relax, read, write, do a bit of photography and maybe wait for the Carnaval (a smaller-scaled one than the one in rio but definitely safer and cheaper) to take place before moving on to the Iguazu Falls at the border of Brazil and Argentina.. :)

more updates to come as the adventure rolls on..

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