Monday, 24 February 2003

war news

in sleepy garopaba, it is not easy to get accurate and up-to-date news on the war in iraq.

us: any latest news on the war, senor?
guy no. 1: there is no war. they have decided not to fight.
us: huh?? really?? that´s great news!! hooray!! they´ve finally listened to the voice of peace and reason!! they´re finally bowing down to the protests of 600 cities!!
guy no. 2: don´t listen to the man... he knows NOTHING! the war is still going on!
us: huh? oh.

so we check the Internet and it seems like peace is not quite here yet.. sigh.. but it really touched me to know that 600 cities all around the world have shown the Islamic world that the world is not quite as divided as some trouble-makers hope to make it.. and hence, hopefully, we see less acts of random terrorism against the Western world..

hurrah for world peace!

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