Monday, 3 February 2003

scanner photography

i've been meaning to try out this scanner photography thingy* since i last read about it in a magazine at kinokuniya some two months back..

see my virgin efforts.. pardon me for the random subjects, but i couldn't find much else to photograph at home.. :p... see also some expert works by people like Doris Mitsch and Katinka Matson. you can even scan your face!!

you shall see more scanner photographs from me in time to come.. :).. this is fun!!

* photos are done not with a camera but with a normal flatbed scanner. i cover the glass with a piece of transparency to keep it clean before placing my subjects on the scanner, and then use a shoe box to cover my subjects to keep their background dark, before scanning them with the lid of the flatbed scanner open (so as not to squish them) and to retain their 3D-ness..

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