Wednesday, 19 February 2003

copacaba beach babe

more blogging!! hahaha.. looks like it sure pays to have a place near a really nice Internet cafe! :) (note: Accesse Aqui Cyber Cafe near Rua Boelhoes de Carvalho - something like that..)

spent the rest of the day toasting with the cariocas on the most famous beach in the world. the diversity of people here in Rio amongst the cariocas is astounding.. one can see a mix of africans (descended from the slaves), latinos, europeans and many others.. a lot of the men here generally have good surfer bodies (either they do a lot of body building or it´s in the genes??), while the womenfolk are tanned, well-endowed (real?) but smoke a lot..we took a bus ride watching the people from the safety of the bus window (surprisingly clean and airconditioned bus)- the dynamics of the people - from the way they interacted with each other, walked on the street, stood around and waited for things to happen.. i think this is a wonderful place to people-watch!

copacabana beach was really nice and the sunset was mindblowing.. hurt my arm slightly when i was hit by a massive and cold ocean wave and had to spend the rest of my time sitting on the beach people-watching to recover. i hope it doesn´t hurt too much tomorrow..

tomorrow, we will take an airconditioned bus and leave this giant city and travel to a smaller village.. i´ll see if i can find Internet access as i go along... :)

is everyone well??

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