Thursday, 13 February 2003

getting ready

i'm almost ready for my big trip! my preparations are all done..

i'm (almost) all packed.. except for my toothbrush, my contact lenses, hair brush, sandals and handphone. and some random odds and ends. also got to remember to double-check on my passport, visa, air tickets, credit cards and driver's licence (just-in-case.. who knows..). and i need to buy superglue, duct tape, ziplock bags and socks tomorrow. and to change some US$ and UK pounds.

i've got some cool stuff.. like my quick-dry, ultra compact Atwater Carey - Camp 'n Travel Towel. i've also got a Nalgene 48oz wide-mouth Cantene, Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets (chlorine-based..yucky..), vaccination jabs for Hep A & B, tetanus and yellow fever, SAF insect repellent gel (the green tube.. this seriously is the best i've used so far), new bulbs for my trusty 2cell AA Maglite, many (and hopefully enough) rolls of Fuji Provia 100 Fine Grain film, medication from the doctor for flu, fever, travel sickness, diarrhoea, rashes, insect bites, etc etc., first aid and emergency tool kit with stuff for sewing, cutting, turning screws, tweezing. enough Spanish (I hope) not to look too unapproachable (though they speak Portuguese in Brazil.. oops..), 200ml bottles of toiletries of all types (shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, shower gel etc), wet and dry tissues, warm clothing - including gloves and a cap to keep me warm and dry, clothes for warm and cool weather, extra batteries to keep things running, world-wide travel plug adaptor, raffia string to hang up clothes to dry, Lord of The Rings (the whole volume!) to read (hee hee..), my Swiss army knife, a fresh new travel journal, icc no. of countries i am going to, Lonely Planet's South America on a shoestring (an old edition)... that pretty much covers it....

:) very excited now... (and thanks all for the friendly farewell sms-es and phonecalls..).. you reckon i'll miss blogging while i'm away?? :p

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