Sunday, 2 March 2003


we shall finally be starting on our journey towards the uruguay border tomorrow! :D

better be on my way soon.. i´m slowly becoming brazilian.. here is some evidence:

i say "Oi!" now instead of "Hi!", without hesitation..
i wave to someone in a distance by raising my clenched fist with only my thumb and pinkie sticking out (i.e. the way we do the number ´6´ in Singapore)
when i want to tell or ask someone that something is great or that i am "ok", i stick up my thumb and give a big broad smile (everyone.. absolutely everyone, does that!)
i order guarana (some amazonian bright red fruit) soda when i think of soft drinks (instead of coca cola) in a restaurant
i love suco de caju (another fruit from north brazil) more than suco de larangha (aka orange juice)
i think it is perfectly normal to see someone wearing swimwear (even very skimpy bikinis) in the supermercado or bank or walking along on the streets..
i am perpetually carrying this tan from the immense heat and sunshine of this country..
i am wearing this strange fish bone as a pendant, the fossil of some amazonian fish.. bought it from a bunch of travelling gypsies with whom i sat for a lazy afternoon chatting while they asked me if "all chinese eat bears.." :O

this is brazil, in short, the way i know it and have adapted to it... :p

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