Saturday, 15 March 2003

lake district of patagonia

we are well on our way again! :)

yesterday, we passed through what i imagine is one of the most beautiful places in the world.. going deeper into patagonia now, we went through Parque Nacional Lanin yesterday, a huge national park with nine to ten glacial lakes, overshadowed by the craggy peaks of the Andes, some of which were snow-capped.. to describe beauty is like trying to describe the fragrance of a is impossible.. beauty can only be felt in the heart and experienced by the soul.. the park had some of the most unusual trees i have ever seen, including this pine tree known as the Pehuen (monkey puzzle tree) with pinecones that look like acorns, and some magnificent birds that look like a cross between falcons and eagles.. i know my photos will do little justice to the place.. and yet i am unable to describe what i have seen... to see all this beauty and enjoy this amazing solitude almost feels like an act of selfishness..

along the way, we passed through sweet little ski resort towns, straight out of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales - complete with wooden houses and shops, cheese and wine stores, Austrian sidewalk cafes, quaint book stores, roses growing on the sidewalk and bees that were furry.. the air has become really chilly and dry..

i am getting more and more excited as the adventure goes on... this dream is becoming a reality and the reality is sweet...

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