Saturday, 8 March 2003

argentinian appetizer

in our amazing quest to reach the Andes, and ultimately, the southernmost tip of the continent, Ushuaia, we have been racing across the whole breadth of Argentina over the past two days, crossing some amazing landscapes, encountering some of the unpredictable weather that we are getting rather used to, and spending the nights by the side of desolate highways, to the sounds of nature (with a moo moo here and a bow wow there and a neigh neigh here and a quack quack there) and the magic of hundreds and thousands of twinkling fireflies, dotting the dark of the night like christmas lights at the foot of the stairs on christmas eve..

seems like Antartica might just become a reality! :D we called Ushuaia (the southernmost city in the world, where most ice-breakers leave for the continent of Antartica) today and they said they have three cruises leaving on the 18th March! we´ll see how everything goes.. if all goes right, we shall be driving along the scenic route of the Andes by tomorrow! :)

we´re getting the car checked again today to make sure it is in perfect condition (as a stalled car in the desolate parts of Patagonia may mean days of waiting for help to come) and the old man at the shop is taking forever.. anyhow, it may become more difficult to update as we go south..

adios for now!

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