Thursday, 16 January 2003

third big thing? i've finally managed to clean up quite a bit of the clutter that has been lying around the house and to sort out and straighten some of the books and cds that have been lying around's amazingly therapeutic to sort out stuff that no longer has any significance in my life, kind of symbolic of my latest effort at "simplifying my life" and prioritising what is important and what is not.. and the best part is, i think i will end up saving a lot of money buying new stuff 'cos now, i realised i have so many books i haven't even started reading since i bought them, old books that i really feel like re-reading, and all the cds that i only listened to once or twice and should listen to again this time to see if i can appreciate them in a different way now that my tastes may have changed..

my life in summary now? austerity rules!!

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