Sunday, 26 January 2003

personal missions quests (?)

the web just got less useful... these guys are on a mission to try out all the different snacks in the world.. cool...

have you got one of these quirky personal missions quests as well? :)

i am still on one of my personal mission quest to swim at all the different public pools in Singapore (i think i have visited about 10 so far), to walk across the country (albeit small and unimpressive) from coast to coast, top to bottom, left to right.. my sister at some point was determined to try all the different char siew rice stalls in Singapore - but i think she is into tiramisu, brownies and strangely and incongruously, chye tow kweh (aka chinese carrot cake) now.. a friend of mine has parents who travel across the country by MRT to visit all the different food courts (especially the new ones that are sprouting up in suburban shopping malls now)..

hahaha... :D

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