Thursday, 16 January 2003

days have gone by without blogging!! amazing...

some updates (in case you need to know about my life).. alb & I both didn't manage to buy the $66 colour laserjet printer from Hewlett-Packard so we are both of course disappointed.. (afterall, we did manage to get his credit card details in and all that before they blocked the site..) :p haha.. would have been really nice (imagine printing 85,000 pages without changing the cartridge!!!).. wonder if they will compensate in some way.. umm... still, i guess it's obviously a genuine typo error so i really wouldn't "sue" them or anything (not like the guys who took advantage of it and bought 2,000 at one go.. greedy..)

i've also discovered that in order to be able to get up to enjoy a morning run, i really do have to (realistically) get to bed by 10.30pm (or latest 11.30pm) to get the minimum 7 to 8 hours of sleep i need.. this makes the battle to get up in the morning to do something i love much less of a battle.. i'm still working on it and so far have managed to get up once in the last two days. The morning air is really much fresher, the scene much more tranquil (with people doing their morning taichi and falungong) and a run in the morning makes me feel a lot more energetic for the rest of the day's work. Must do it!! Run run run!! I know it is pretty common-sensical but honestly, it's quite a revelation for me..

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