Saturday, 25 January 2003

public transport wisdom

i've started taking public transport to get used to not having a car.. mum's selling the car i normally drive while i'm away in South Am (i'm leaving in exactly 3 weeks' time!!) as it is nearing the end of its 10-year COE and to save on parking charges... yet another victim of increased car park fees...

yet, i can't deny that the beauty of being a passenger and not a driver is that you actually take in the view a lot better.. and you get to listen to music on your CD player and to read and ponder while watching the scenary change around you. and of course it works out cheaper too and you don't have to stress out about bad drivers on the road, crowded car parks, traffic jams etc etc... of course there are plus points to having a car, but at least for now, i'm just going to look at the plus points of public transport and enjoy the ride!! :)

blue sky seen from the upper deck of double-deck SBS bus no. 165

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