Friday, 10 January 2003

do you sometimes get the feeling that Singapore is actually just one huge kampung rather than a country?

i know we are described as a city-state (and we are "just a dot" on the world map) but what i mean is that, after a while, the whole country actually feels smaller and smaller and every corner of it more and more familiar as you find yourself knowing exactly where to get the best laksa, where to buy a toaster, where you can get the cheapest computer parts, where to fix your bicycle or your camera.. and even if you live on the eastern side of the island, the uncle at Clementi knows you by name because you come here for church every weekend and eat his roti prata, or the auntie who is at takashimaya in town knows you and what you want to drink because you order the same thing every morning before work.. it's really amazing how we think nothing of zipping across the whole country to go to work, to get to a "Sale worth waiting for", to windsurf and wakeboard, to meet friends for coffee, to run an errand... and everyone everywhere looks and speaks pretty much alike... we are a kampung-state!

oh well, morning ramblings.. :p was just drinking the famous Aun Tong coffee i bought back from Taiping and sis mentioned that it tasted similar to Malacca coffee and i realised that yes, even food tends to taste different in different parts of a country.. but in Singapore, umm... hahaha...

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