Thursday, 30 January 2003


i've got four big blank days ahead of me.. no work, no commitments, nothing planned yet.. full of possibilities... exciting... :)

i could of course spend all the time brushing up on my espanol..
i could also grab a pad of watercolour paper, my never-used box of watercolours and a sketching pencil and go out somewhere to paint
i could go blading, running and swimming all day.. work out till i drop but feel really fit and good at the end of it..
i could curl up at home and read my Lord Of The Rings and try to finish it..
i could take my camera somewhere, anywhere and just shoot some pictures..


but i think what i really want to do is to drive my car out somewhere really nice and take some pictures of it.. somewhere natural and picturesque, like Seletar Rd or with big broad runway-like roads, like Tuas or Jurong Island.. .. afterall, it is going to be sold soon.. *sob sob* :( ... i was looking at the pictures i took while driving all these years (don't worry, i really drive very carefully and usually shoot "from the hip" - not through the viewfinder!!) and found that i could actually compile a decent enough gallery of pictures..

so here it is.. click on the image below to view gallery


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