Friday, 10 January 2003

hi hi! thanks for all the belated birthday greetings today! :D

well, i need to clarify something about the last minute greeting that came in from Lynn yesterday... you see, this wonderful friend of mine was so pre-occupied trying to help me do something important (which i will reveal shortly)... that was why she forgot about my birthday.. it is 1000% forgiveable!!! And i thank God for friends like that.. I really do.. The more i think about it, the more i know I've been blessed with the acquaintance, friendship and love of some of the most wonderful and inspiring people who walk on this earth in our time and generation!! Thanks everyone! I owe my dreams to your support and encouragement!

Now for some revealing... as some of you might have forseen will occur at one point or other in my life, I have decided to embark on a little semi-long journey to pursue a dream of mine.. (at this point, i feel like Bilbo Baggins in Lord of the Rings during his birthday feast as he makes his announcement..haha...).. as you see from this little map, there is this huge chunk of the southern hemisphere of the earth that has thus far eluded me and my travels...i've decided to see a part of this giant land mass, and perhaps try to live out the hidden dreams of many.. i'm going to take time off from work to travel to South America over the next 3 months, do all the incredible photography, learn all the Spanish, see all the culture, and really experience the other side of the globe which i have been dreaming of all this while...

it took no less than a lot of thought and lonely and frightened moments from me, still takes a lot of support and understanding from people who care for me, work with and/or love me, and considerable planning and help from friends and acquaintances.. but now (despite much hair-pulling and tearful moments), with the grace of God, everything seems to be working out nicely at last.. i've got my flights booked, i've learnt a whole bunch of lessons about how to do things right and now, the preparation is really just exciting and every moment is a blessing..

yes, Lynn helped me to find an alternative to my original flight arrangement which was to fly to Rio De Janeiro from Singapore via Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, LA and Sao Paulo (four transit stops no less.. a continuous flight time of more than 26 hours!!!).. i'm now going to fly from Singapore to London (my favourite city!) instead and then onwards to Rio after resting in London for a full day at her friend's house... isn't she wonderful?? :D

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