Thursday, 2 January 2003

i'm been experiencing what i suppose the new agey people will call "Synchronicity" - otherwise known as "meaningful coincidences" these past two days..

i'm not really into this sort of mystic stuff (and choose not to indulge in them) but things have kinda been falling into place nicely (especially where i most needed them to) and at the right time, even like reaching traffic lights just as they turn green, finding parking lots in crowded car parks, getting to places just as the people i need to meet appear, getting calls from people i need to talk to, remembering to do something where previously i would have forgotten to do them (simply because something totally unrelated triggered me to think along certain lines and about certain people).. and the people around me (especially my close friends and family) seem to be really agreeable and warm and supportive..

life seems to be "in sync" at the moment... which is really nice.. :) ... and i haven't been messing it up by having late nights or waking up late or losing my temper unnecessarily... let's hope that i can keep this up till it becomes a good habit... it has been so encouraging..

starting to pick up spanish from a book called Accelerated Learning Spanish.. wah.. not easy language to learn.. might have to take a crash course sometime in the year to get the pronunciations right..

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