Tuesday, 7 January 2003

down with a bit of flu today and took mc to fix myself up..

on my way home from the doctor's, i chanced upon a group of secondary school students from the nearby secondary school, still in their uniforms. the girls were puffing away on cigarettes, held expertly in their hands. they were acting intimately with a group of male students and appeared totally unembarrassed by my sudden presence.. in fact, they appeared proud and probably thought they looked really "cool"..

normally, i would have just shrugged the whole thing off as "juvenile delinquency" and moved on.. but i guess illnesses have a way of making us think about life and death and other "deep" stuff...and for me to be a little irritable.. i was annoyed that the kids seemed only concerned with looking "good", fitting in, enjoying life and indulging in what they perceive as "forbidden activiites".. in fact, it will be worrying if this mindset carries on into their adulthood and instead of adding to the richness of their lives by wholesome activities, giving back to society by voluntary work, or challenging and developing themselves through travel and reading, they take away from their lives by harmful activities such as smoking, drinking, driving fast bikes and cars..

tsk tsk... i am beginning to sound like a parent.. :p

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