Saturday, 7 February 2004

something to think about...

"We have killed pigs. We have killed civet cats. We are now killing birds. We have also killed our sense of morality.

Impressionable children will grow up thinking that killing is the answer to any threat to our survival. Is this the future we want?

We should stop blaming other species for our woes. If only we had been less indulgent in our gastronomic pleasures, more compassionate in the farming of animals, and less arrogant and not think that we are the masters of this fragile planet, then perhaps there is still hope for this earthly home we share with other living beings.

We want to live. So does every other living being on this planet."

(excerpt from Dr Tan Chek Wee's letter to the Straits Times forum letter entitled, "Stop blaming civet cats and chickens for our woes")

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