Friday, 13 February 2004

good friends, strange friends

golden mane meets golden mane

this is Kai. i mean the one on the right (in case you are wondering..)

Kai is one of my best friends. And doubtlessly one of the strangest.

indeed, most of my closest friends are pretty strange, by conventional standards....

chatting over a cuppa at the new Jack's Place at Bras Basah this afternoon ala tai-tais, we chatted on everything from hopes and dreams, to personal mastery, to spectacular career moves, to travel, to art galleries, to correct pronunciation of "cheem" words, to ang mohs, to oral hygiene, to dead sea salt facial cleansers and toners, to fortune-telling using rose petals, to good gel ballpens, to health, exercise and vegetarian diets, to parents, and even to sex!! ok ok, we spoke about the harmful effects of sex in the media on teenagers, ya? don't get the wrong idea.. i've been doing research for my essay.. haha.. do you believe me? :p

anyway, random chatting is such fun!

everyone needs a good friend like Kai... :) thanks pal!

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