Monday, 16 February 2004

Clifford Pier

the revolving restaurant

knowing this 71-year-old Singapore landmark on Collyer Quay was going to be demolished soon, i trotted down last Friday afternoon to shoot a couple of pictures of this retro-style place... there were only a few people there - the ah peks sitting around chatting, some cleaners and the occassional boatman returning from sea or tourists in twos and threes getting onto Chinese junkboat cruises... the serenity made it almost an oasis in the middle of Singapore's busy financial district..

sadly, we'll soon have very few of these historical places left.. places that the 70s/80s generation grew up visiting and seeing.. i remember especially fondly going with my parents and siblings to the "Satay Club" at the "old" Esplanade to enjoy satay and sugar cane juice, with the salty breeze from the sea blowing in our faces and a walk to the Merlion after dinner a definitely must... sigh.. simple joys of life..


Update: I found some old photos of Clifford Pier.. so cool...

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