Tuesday, 10 February 2004

project manzil website

did up the Sikkim Project 2003 Team Website with the weirdest colour scheme i could think of.... all in the midst of my busy-ness trying to complete a million and one other tasks..

Project Manzil (NIE-YEP Sikkim) 2003

haha.. believe it or not, i just picked colours off the web friendly palette randomly and didn't even bother changing them after that.. what to do? this is the work of an untrained web designer..hah..

uploaded quite a lot of photographs of the team before, during and after the project - they don't show much of the local Sikkimese culture, or scenary or flora and fauna cos we're reserving that for the other website our team is designing for them..

oh well, if you're interested, take a look.. at least the front pic of the 3rd highest mountain Khangchendzonga is nice (haha.. shameless self praise..)... :)

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