Monday, 23 February 2004

Capricorn: Refocusing Your Intensity

since i am a Capricorn myself, i yanked this off Enid's website, though i'm admittedly not a regular reader of horoscopes (i've read only two in the last 8 years, including this one...:p)..

"Capricorn is one sign that enjoys working, and when faced with stress, their instincts tell them to work harder, longer and with more focused intensity. Your ruler, Saturn, causes you to take responsibility to heart. You value practical and realistic solutions, and having a cardinal quality, you like to get on with things. Certainly, you are action-oriented. Yet while tap-dancing faster can make you feel better, the danger is that you can get so lost in busywork that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Just be sure what you are working on so intently is worthy of that amazing Capricorn output! Also, if your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend keeps complaining that you're never around anymore--that's a sign to rethink your schedule.

Capricorn is an earth sign, so you would probably enjoy taking a breather in the mountains more than at a seaside setting. A day of hiking, mountain climbing or exploring caves would make a new person out of you. Play a game of touch football or start a softball team with your pals (Capricorn rules teamwork), but be sure to bandage that trick knee of yours, the part of the body that gives Capricorns physical stress.

You are quite a social animal (which is why you eventually rise to the top of your field) but you don't like hanging out in rundown or cheap places. So when you book a lunch with an friend choose a restaurant in a club, or has a club-type aura, complete with wood paneling and fireplaces. The goat also likes heights, so a restaurant with a view is just your speed, but be sure it has a calm atmosphere. Be determined to talk about general things--not all lunches have to be major negotiations! Sports with social twist are good too, so you might think about taking up tennis or golf.

Most Capricorns like to play the stock market and make investing a hobby. Give yourself some time off to hear a lecture by an expert, surf the net for interesting financial sites, check out cable stations for good shows which tackle investments in depth. Other Capricorns might like collecting rare coins or stamps (or start a collection of new ones).

Since Capricorn likes history, you can relax in front of the Discovery Channel, check out the natural history museum or visit the historical society museum of your city. Many Capricorns enjoy browsing antiques. Auctions are another good bet, and even if you don't bid, you'll have fun fingering the valuable objects and documents--objects that are usually under glass in museums! Don't expect to chill out immediately. It may take weeks of vigorous fun to loosen you up!

Most Capricorns are close to one parent (while Gemini rules siblings, Capricorn rules parents). If this is true for you, tying flies with Dad in the workshop, or keeping Mom company in the kitchen as she makes an apple pie for you could be so wonderful. After all, they know you very well. You may be amazed how they say something which "hits home" and helps you out of a current jam.

Finally, renting a funny movie--either a new release or a golden oldie--could also be the best medicine. Other ways to tickle your funny bone would be to check out funny sites on the web like cartoon Dilbert ( or click into Comedy Central on cable. Tell a few jokes to your friends (if you can't remember any good ones, go to a comedy club and crib a few for friends and family.) Hang out with a witty, funny friend--or a dimwitted friend (you'll be the star). "

much of it is interestingly somewhat true, like i do tend to work even harder when i am under stress, to the point of overworking... action? i don't know about action, though some people tell me i am "animated".. haha.. but i like the mountains as much as i like the oceans, lakes and seas, so that bit is not really true..... social animal? umm.. i wouldn't really call myself that too, though i do like to hang out with groups of my close friends... but it's true, i love history and am actually quite interested in the stock market though i'm not really into investing at the moment.... close to one parent... umm.. i'm close to my mum.. and the last bit about hanging out with witty, funny frens or dimwitted frens.. hahaha.. that's so true!!

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