Monday, 9 February 2004

Irreversible - le movie

After watching Irreversible yesterday, I was asked by my movie companion "So what will you write on your blog?"

I realised I didn't know. At least not yet.

After all, this movie wasn't your usual run-of-a-mill Hollywood flick, complete with cliched romances, tacky scripts and yawn-inducing plots. Or at best, good looking actors performing heroic but unbelievable feats to thrill and entertain. Instead, this 95min movie makes the audience walk out pensive, disturbed, disoriented or at the very least, deeply absorbed in their thoughts.. So I decided to wait a day or so before writing about it, mainly to find out for myself what I DO remember the following day. I reckoned, if anything sticks in my mind for long enough, it surely means something, whatever it is.

And sure enough, the movie was still clear as crystal in my mind this morning. The way the movie was filmed was enough to talk about - every scene executed to discomforting perfection, either to disorientate, or to set our pulses racing, or to raise us to intolerable anticipation. Not to mention the intensity of the visual and audio effects, the no-holds barred display of brutality and realism. I remember every scene as vividly in my mind as if I watched the movie only minutes ago.

If that was what the movie was supposed to do, I guess it worked.

One word: Powerful.

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