Saturday, 28 February 2004

Discover what job suits best

this certainly would be too late, at least for now while i'm bonded to my job for the next three years, but it was still fun and interestingly quite accurate as well, with some being downright flattering! haha... still, like with all other such tests, take it with a pinch of salt... don't ever let any of these character analysis things dominate your life unless you are mature enough to handle them, ya?

try it yourself ... this is mine...

Ki System

Natal Year number: 8
Hwee Ling is a steady, responsible and reliable individual who dislikes change for change's sake. She is a solid family person who enjoys tradition, but is inclined to say exactly what she thinks. Such frankness can occasionally land her in trouble. Behind a somewhat ponderous exterior lies a deeply sensitive soul whose core is rarely exposed to public view.

Natal Month number: 1
Enjoying periods of time on her own, Hwee Ling's adaptable personality makes it easy for her to get along with others. She will examine fresh ideas in some depth, rejecting fashionable notions that fail to meet her substantive criteria. For this reason she should study philosophy, or one of its related disciplines. A perceptive individual who needs variety, and enjoys travel.

Natal House number: 3
With a high energy level, and ambitions to match, Hwee Ling will show early promise. Unless her tendency to expel this energy on too many projects can be overcome, a promising beginning may soon evaporate, giving way to anger and frustration. Hwee Ling is someone who enjoys a good time with an active social life, and needs the direction of more sober minds.

Comments based on Western Grid

Hwee Ling is a balanced individual who can understand and appreciate the views of others as well as her own. She can express herself fluently, and with persuasive conviction, whilst taking account of opposing views. This means that Hwee Ling will get on very well with colleagues at work, both senior and junior, as well as clients, customers, suppliers and external agencies.

Well-balanced, with an understanding and compassionate nature, Hwee Ling is a natural leader who can inspire others. But she needs a certain amount of freedom at work and at home. With a compassionate and caring nature, and with the ability to get on well with others, Hwee Ling will be a strong member of any team and will provide solid inspiration and support to her colleagues.

Hwee Ling will find life's lessons hard to learn. She will suffer from loss (of possessions or those she loves) before questioning the cause of that loss. It is likely that Hwee Ling will develop a faith of some sort, and although it need not necessarily be a religious faith, it will nevertheless be something that she holds onto against all the evidence. Potential employers need to find out what that faith entails.

Good with details and with a methodical approach, Hwee Ling nevertheless is someone who enjoys constant new challenges to maintain her interest. She is a methodical individual with attention to detail, but is inclined to leave tasks unfinished if her active mind alights on something of greater interest. Routine tasks that fail to challenge her intellect are at greatest risk, so Hwee Ling needs a job that offers variety.

Ambitious to improve her lot, Hwee Ling will constantly push forward to achieve something in her life, yet this ambition will be balanced by humanitarian ideals that will lead her to support causes that may demand self-sacrifice.

[The Arrow of Activity: the numbers 7, 8 and 9] Enjoying the outdoors, Hwee Ling is someone who will perform best by being busy. She dislikes confined spaces, and needs both physical and mental exercise. A good walk in fresh air is an intellectual catalyst like no other to Hwee Ling, whose need to be constantly occupied is an asset to any employer.

[The Arrow of Determination: the numbers 1, 5 and 9] Determined and persistent, Hwee Ling has the patience to wait until she has achieved her goal. She enjoys a progressive and enterpreneurial approach, and as such, will be an asset to any employer. If the number 4 (in the Western Grid) is missing, she will be inclined to lose her temper on occasions.

Comments based on Chinese Grid

Hwee Ling enjoys a positive and balanced approach to life and will be financially successful. If the Chinese version also contains 2 sevens, Hwee Ling is very fortunate.

Hwee Ling has an average mind, and without the numbers 4 and 9 in the Chinese version will not enjoy a creative existence.

Intelligent and logical, Hwee Ling is not someone who acts rashly on the spur of the moment.

Hwee Ling is family-orientated, and needs a pleasant working environment as well as a comfortable home.

If the numbers 3 and 5 in the Chinese version are missing, Hwee Ling is something of a perfectionist who seeks to achieve detailed accuracy, and has a natural instinct to unearth the truth. If the Chinese Grid also contains the numbers 3 and 5, she will be attracted to work in a spiritual or humanitarian field.

Although Hwee Ling is ambitious, her ambition is tempered with humanitarian ideals.

[The Arrow of Action: The numbers 2, 6 and 7] Hwee Ling has an abundance of energy which is best released in competitive sport. She is also suited to careers such as the Armed Forces, farming, and adventurous activities like rock climbing or mountaineering.

[The Arrow of Intellect: The numbers 2, 4 and 9] Hwee Ling is intelligent, articulate and enjoys a first-class memory. She has a logical and analytical approach that suits her to the legal, medical or accountancy professions.

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